Mobile Garden City Barbeque


I only found out about this a few weeks back when I was at the garden and was thinking about this for a while since then.

I got there yesterday was a bit concerned that I was a little bit late for the meeting the meeting went well & this time there was new people which was good & was not sure if the resident gardener would be asking about my plans for the bit of the garden that I am responsible for & then someone else came and then the meeting was good.

Near the end of the meeting quite a few people started coming for the barbeque, even though the poster said 12 till 2 pm, & then the time that we had to kill, I took some photo’s of the stuff we were harvesting which were Cucamelons (look like a melon, tastes like a cucumber), then at midday the barbeque began, the rain stayed away which was a good that it stayed away. The only problem was that it was a little windy, which made things fly off the food was pretty good as you will see from the pictures below. I 100% think quite a few came for the food & those people I would suspect will never see again, but the ones who showed a definite interst who I spoke to, which I enjoyed & then I was interviewed by a Groundwork London volunteer who asked me about my time at #mobilegardencity which I enjoyed talking about & then I probably stayed about an hour the scheduled finishing time nice chatting, but when I got home I have to be honest I was a bit upset with myself.


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