Helping with Active August activity at Timber Lodge Inside the Olympic Park

images (2)

When I signed up to this a week ago, I thought that it would be nice to help out a different thing, something like this.

So onto the day itself, when I get anxious/nervous I tend to need to spend time in the bathroom. I left home & was about 6 minutes & the point of contact was different than what was written down, & I did not know the person’s name first met here earlier in the week at Chobham Manor. I introduced myself & she introduced herself to me.

I then helped her wheel on the rebound boots to the place & I was shown how people needed to get the boots on & off. The session did start earlier than I was expecting, but we had quite a lot of people for the morning session.

I then went to the timber lodge where I was told that my lunch was waiting for, unexpectedly I was told my budget was £7 which was more than I was expecting & then I got this for my lunch (picture)

The after lunch was two sessions where it was not as many games but had a lot of people, but I am 100% scared but saying that I was given the opportunity to take pictures & video’s from the session, which I will be sending back in no more than a weeks time. I loved the fact that the person was very nice, and I know that is something I have to learn is diplomacy, but saying that I enjoyed my time, unfortunately, this is the only time I can help on this opportunity.


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