London Small YouTubers Network


I was on the London small YouTuber’s Facebook page and one of the top posts was saying that London small YouTubers are going to have a new website and they are looking for people to write blogs for the website & I thought let me enquire about emailing the person. I emailed the person saying that I would be interested in hopefully doing a blog for the website and then I received an email saying basically what do I want to talk about

I decided that on this blog I would talk about my struggles on YouTube. I started creating YouTube videos like having a kind of vlog channel, which was similar to one of my channels that I have now, which had a lot of random stuff on there and I felt was not getting many views. Most of my videos did not hit double figures and then I thought you know what I’m going to quit cause I don’t want to do this anymore because I am not any happiness or satisfaction and it is just making me more upset so I then left YouTube for a very long time. I then re-started 3 or 4 months ago, it may have been a little longer than that and I started my 2 YouTube channels and then. My blog style channel is, for the most part, getting double figures for my video’s which were most of the video’s and on my other channel techknow channel I am still struggling which is very disheartening after I put a lot of work into creating the video’s and they don’t seem to get hardly any attention which gives me that depressing feeling when you think to yourself that you have done all this hard work and I am getting nothing back and I think what is the point. So I was having that feeling the same feeling that I am having every day, the thought I have is what is the point, just have the feeling of wanting to give up. I still feel that way not sure if that will ever go away or not, I don’t know yet but what I decided to do was I was online one day and thought there must be something out there for small YouTubers that have little to no subscribers if there is anything out there for them and then I typed into google and that is how I found London Small Youtubers facebook page and I did go to there ducks in row workshop. It was a good event and felt a little motivated by it but I would still say that I struggle, sometimes it can be a struggle of coming up with video’s, it is not completely that, what I think I am going to do is use google trends which you can use which I have not used but that is certainly my intention with my techknow channel I feel that it will be easier using it for that channel which will hopefully get me views to my channel, not sure it will help with my subscriptions but maybe there maybe a correlation between viewers and subscribers. The problem is not coming up with the idea, having that get up and go attitude. I know for a fact that I struggle to get subscribers and viewers, feeling like what is the point I look online and see video’s that are worse than mine and I have been thinking a lot about this, it is because they do alternate facts in their thumbnail also probably with the tags they are using, you then start watching a little bit of the video and then if I close the video, it won’t matter cause only care that you watched their video and I don’t think they care about subscribers, cause just because you have subscribers, that does not correlate with views. On the 25th Jan, I attended a YouTube master class showing how best to grow your channel. I feel that you need to produce high-quality video’s that people may not see, you still do it cause you have that on your schedule and even though my channel does not get many views, I at the moment still do it. I am speaking on a personal level in my own experience, the cause of my channels have low audiences. I feel that people hate me, which is the reason they don’t check out my channels even though I am struggling on YouTube, I really don’t know if that will ever change. I do I t cause it gives me a routine and something that I am in control of. I would say that you definitely need support, be that from friends, family or a group, without that your struggles will continue. I am not getting any help with a collaboration video about mental health doing an ad on response video that mental movement have done. I feel that if you can be more luckier than I have been and get people to collaborate, that will definitely help you grow your YouTube presence.


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