Hackney WickED Opening Night


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I booked to go the launch night of Hackney WickED, opening last night at Here East, think that was about a week ago.

So onto last night, I made sure that I got there early because they did say arrive promptly due to the high levels of people that wanted to the showcase at Here East. When I got in there the person asked me if I had registered & I said yes, but for some unknown reason at first the person could not find me on the list & then I explained that I had booked on Eventbrite, but then still no luck, but then eventually another person came over & sorted the thing out.

I then got the opportunity to view the whole artwork at first I thought that people may not let me film in there & that is why I only took pictures, but then I eased up & took quite a few different video’s which I will be putting up on my youtube channel over the coming weeks.

I did enjoy talking to a lot of people which was fantastic, cause even though not everyone I introduced myself I still felt the night went well, check me out my social media platforms which I will list below.

Twitter: @ysrmahmood

Facebook: ysrmahmood16

Instagram: ysr.mahmood



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