Volunteering Day at Mobile Garden City


From speaking to a member of Groundwork London I was informed that over this month there would be 3 full volunteers days, which are different from normal volunteer days where on these days, the list of duties that need to be done is stated for the volunteers.

I have done this kind of volunteering before, but I would say that only properly a full day once before, this time I wanted to do it because I thought that I would be able to mingle & connect with people.

When I got there which was a little later than I had planned, but when I got there the groundwork worker introduced me to everyone which did make feel good & which allowed me to not just introduce myself, but also ask what their names were.

I was given a few options of things I could do, & I decided that I wanted to try my hand at D.I.Y. First of I helped with getting all the pieces for the benches they are making & then I was  little bit useful with that, the main thing was using me as ballast & then had some nice food, they always bring nice food & then for the rest of the time I was there I was helping with the construction of the greenhouse as you can see from the pictures below. It was nice volunteering with them because théy made me feel at ease & what surprised me was that quite a few stayed very late, then the scheduled finishing time & I got to say it was enjoyable volunteering, the bit which was a little not great was that we did not have lunch together & that I was supposed to give my card to someone there but did not a chance but hopefully will get another chance next week, when I have to tell myself & stick on a visual reminder that I have to get there least 15 minutes, when I go for next week’ session.


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