Disability InnovationSummit @ Queen Elizabeth Park

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This was something I wanted to do cause it is a subject that is close to my heart & something that I feel passionate about, so that is why I have decided that I would sign up to this volunteering role, initially I had only agreed to do the 1st day of thē 2 day summit, but then a week before that I decided that I would also do the second day.

So on to the first day of volunteering on the role, I was worried that I would wake up late, but fortunately that did not happen but I did have to wake up my mum to make me lunch & then I said to myself that I don’t care if I am late, I am not going to run to get there, fortunately, I was only a few minutes late, so did not miss that much then had a quick briefing about the event & what we would be doing & what our roles would be.

I alongside anothér volunteer chose to be in the car park, helping at the car park, for the first hour or so nothing was happening, then for around the next 45 minutes, both of us had stuff to do which was good. Then we were basically in the conference hall, just keeping an eye out for things & making sure order was maintained, what really pissed me off was that only half the volunteers showed up, which does not look for the program. I left around 2 pm.

On my second day, I was very happy with the fact that I got up early & managed to get there earlier than before, was in there just before 8 am. My first role was signed posting people to the venue making sure that the delegates knew exactly where to go, people came in o late it was very disappointing that fact, I think it was to early the start time on the second day. There were very nice pastries that I enjoyed, I was then assigned to go to Loughborough Campus to make sure that people knew where to go for the breakout sessions & then popped into the hall for lunch, & after that I maybe should have left, but was hoping to hang out with park champions after our shifts, but that has never happened. I stayed too long, now I should know by now they don’t want to hang out with me.


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