Eating in the Taj Restaurant in Ilford

On Sunday was my sisters birthday & I was invited to a Resturant in Ilford & was not sure if I was going to go or not, cause I was thinking to myself that I might go & watch the Formula 1 after coming back from the diamond league athletics at the Olympic Stadium in London.

We left our home around 7.15 & I was given the opportunity to sit shotgun, which I did not mind at all. Most of the the journey I decided that I would keep my eyes closed, then I would not have to see the noisy arguments tey had there.

When we got to the location I tried to speak but I was kind of shut down, did not mind that.

When we got into the restaurant, pretty much everyone else was there waiting for us & then I just sat where I was told & then my ape of a brother started to be an idiot, what am I saying he is always an idiot was messing about with my nephew, & he was trying to get him in trouble & was trying to help me.

I personally myself did not have a lot of food only the 3 images below

the rest of them had lots of different foods as you will see from the pictures below & for most of the night it was good, & was happy that I was allowed to take photo’s & we were there for a couple of hours which was, it was a nice thing that my sister did for us, on her birrhday, which was a nice thing to do.


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