The Diamond League meeting in London Stadium (a.k.a Olympic Stadium)

Early last week I believe it was I saw on Twitter that East Village (formerly the Olympic athletes village) were having a competition on Twitter, basically all it was to enter the competition you had to follow them & also put a retweet, I was already following them & so I did not think much of putting the retweet to enter the competition, thinking to myself I don’t expect to win.

I went back onto Twitter on Friday morning & saw that I had a direct message & I thought that it must be important for someone to DM me, when I saw the message it was from the competition & was told that I had won tickets & just to message them back with my full name & was told that my tickets would be waiting for me at the box office.

So I went to pick up my tickets & thén got there & knew where the ticket office from the numerous amount of times. At the time I did not feel like going & so went back to the East Village market & then did not feel like going back, but the after around 20 or so minutes I decided that I would go back.

When I got there I was quite shocked about the length of the cue, but then saw some of the action speaking to people in the crowd & then got in & saw almost 3 hours of action it was not bad saw quite a lot of events & it was O.K. I did get quite a photo’s that you will see below & hopefully some very nice content for my YouTube Vlog channel.

A slideshow of the photos are below & you need to follow me on Twitter: @ysrmahmood to know when I will be posting the next vlog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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