Great Newham 10K Run

I signed up to this a while back & was lucky enough to be given a free place, because when I typed in my postcode the computer said that I am a Newham resident when in fact I am a Waltham Forest Resident.

Only a few weeks back when I was speaking to my friend on Facebook I was talking about this run & was not aware that it was a 10k cause I thought that it was a 5k.

Training for it was more difficult than I was expecting due to it being the month of Ramadan, but thinking about that no I think I was making that as a bit of an excuse, but as the time came nearer to the event, I was kind of happy with my training, not so much as in the distances I ran, but the different running techniques that I would use during the run, which included using Petroleum Jelly to stop me from excessively sweating & getting socks & cutting the bottoms & using them as knee support.

So the day before run day, I make sure that I have everything in place & then ready for the next day. I get up with plenty of time before I plan to get there & have to adjust my name label, but even with that o.k with time. While I am making my way to the Olympic Park for the start of the run, I bump into another runner who has the same colour & we got chatting which was nice & then I remembered things that we talked about & her name & then was going to get a smoothie but thought I did not have time, but when I got to the start it turns out that they put the green & pink basically running, basically at the same time.

We did some warm up which you will see on the video that I have produced showing highlights from my run, at certain points along the circuit we got quite a bit of support & had quite a few water stations & then I felt pretty good with the run, cause my makeshift knee supports were holding up quite good & did not drink that much water & things were going o.k until around up to the 7.5km mark, where first my headphone wires got caught up in my pins on my number & then one part of my number came of & I had to get someone from the side of the road to help me, & then when at that time things were getting difficult, I was telling myself that even if I am jogging the course I promised myself that I would not stop or walk any part of thé course, which I did not maybe in hindight I shoukd have done, cause I might use the organisers video but was still pleased with myself for completing it.

For finishing it I got a goody bag, that included my finishers medal, my finishers t-shirt, a chocolate & nut bar, a bottle of water, energy bites, some other kind of sweets & some papers about not very good offers at Westfield for finishers of the run.

If you click to watch my race then you can experience my Great Newham 10K Run, please remember to leave your comments, in the comments section, share this video if you like & would also love it if you could subscribe to the channel.


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