Echo Photo Walk

It was only the previous night that I received an email from Stuart from @echo & was thinking about going to a different place, but thought I like photography so this will be good.

Soon the day, I finished the painting for pleasure at Chobham Manor Academy marketing suite & then I made my way to the start of where the tour would begin, which was the Podium Bar & Kitchen in the Olympic Park. I found it surprisingly easy to have conversations, which the thing I enjoyed the most was that everyone I spoke I asked their name, which I was very happy about.

I am not 100% sure what time we started but when I asked somebody else on the tour, they said that we started at around half past 2, 30 minutes after the scheduled time. The tour consisted of going to Three Mills as a so-called surprise, view London which was nice, what I enjoyed. ( is a great site)

You can see my photo’s if you click this link Ysr’s Eco Photowalk Jul 17 to see the photo’s I took


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