Robbie Williams Gig at the London Stadium (A.K.A Olympic Stadium)

downloadOf all the four gigs that have happened in the stadium this month, where I have actually volunteered for, this was the one I was most excited about, & the one that I want to stay & watch the whole show.

Earlier in the day, around the same time our shift started, I was speaking to another about how much I was looking forward to the concert, later on & we were saying that because Robbie Williams does not have a golden circle section, & that would mean that people would get there early, as, in regards to standing, it was basically a first come first serve policy, in regards to that.

We did not finish until just after 8.30 and I was really excited to go in, but it looked like we would have to wait too long, but a couple of the team leaders gave us the wristbands that would allow us to go on to the pitch.

Eventually after waiting around 10 or so minutes managed to get the wristband & went in with another volunteer & then we sat down for a little bit & then we decided to move & then I lost the fellow volunteer. I was having a nice time until I was harassed by a member of the public & then he called a security guard & showed him (the security guy) that I am a volunteer. The next few things that happened very much upset me cause he was walking away from me, he said I am not a racist, why would you have to clarify that is a mystery to me, then no longer than 5 minutes, I was harassed by another group of security people & explained everything to them, & my brain only told me a few hours later that the only reason I was because the colour of my skin, which I should have said & this is my place to say it.

The gig was o.k, a bit of a let down did so many covers & the gig finished just after 10 & he did some of his hits but I definitely would have felt short changed 100% if I was paying for the gig, but at the night these nice people, restored my faith in people to a small extent.IMG_3453



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