The Great Get Together (j)

GREAT GET TOGETHER_nThe day I helped out at the Guns N Roses concert was the great get together & I was going to volunteer if I had not done the gigs over the weekend and also the double shift the previous day.

I got right about when they started the event at midday, cause last year I went there for only around 5 or so minutes this time I did stay longer in 2 stints cause I had to go home to charge the battery on m camera, but in the first stint got some very video’s & a reminder that the link to the GREAT GET TOGETHER VIDEO is below just bove the photos.

I had a quick game of Lego, did some painting which consisted of painting a huge flag for the waterworks festival in August. I managed to get the picture of the mayor, listen to music, also had my photo’s taken by a professional photographer which you can see here (insert image)

I did manage to talk to a few people some I forgot to ask the name some, I did I have to make it a conscious effort at the moment to remember to ask people’s names, but it was better ty last years, when I was on their for much shorter time, still was not great, made the right choice about not volunteering, not for me


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