Unexpected Hockey

Yesterday I was volunteering at the information point in the Olympic Park, &just before I finished my shift just before the end of my shift one of the other volunteers came back from dropping another volunteer of at the hockey she came back with tickets for the hockey at Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre.

I was not sure if I would be allowed to bring in my bottles of drink, but anyway me & another volunteer walked our way to the place & then when we got to the Timber Lodge a nice person, a hockey maker gave me and another volunteer a lift to the front of the venue.

First they had to check my bag which was o.k, then got through & then had a quick look at the stuff that was happening in terms of things to do & then I was talking to a nice a nice person & then & a fellow volunteer took our seats for the Netherlands China match & then we stayed there for the first half.

We then went to the hockey hub where there were fun games including snookey as you can see from the pictures below, hard game but fun if you’re not naturally a right-handed but it was still fun

We then watched first half of the England from our original seats & a hockey maker that we both knew got us seats in the middle of the pitch ground level was nice & then as I was leaving, I got into a bit of a conversation with them & then felt a bit ridiculous & then did eventually leave.


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