Checking out Guns & Roses


This past weekend I was volunteering at the Guns & Roses Gig at the now re-branded London Stadium or as you may know it the Olympic Stadium. Guns & Roses were doing 2 nights which I volunteered for both & for the Saturday shift I decided that I would help out & do the double shift on Saturday.

My first shift was on Friday were there would be no chance of volunteering in the morning as it Friday prayers at the time & then I remembered getting home & then I had to change & get ready it was after half 2 & knew that I would have to get there before 3 pm, which I said to myself that I am not going to run to get there cause it won’t help me get there any faster, it might actually make it slower, I managed to get there a few minutes before 3 & then we were given the pre-briefing & then we were given our given our lunches & then sent with our teams accompanied by our team leaders, but just before that we had our photo’s taken.

Then we were put into our points that we would be at until the end of our shift, this 100% percent different due to the fact that with this particular person I did not speak a word, not 100% true but I know why this person hates me, I would not ask the person, because they would lie.

At the end of my shift, I managed to go & see about 40 minutes of the guns n roses gig & by clicking you can see what I saw, fantastic viewing position GUNS N ROSES



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