Volunteering with the M&S Gang

Last week when I was not fasting cause it was my birthday & so decided that I was not going to fast that day.

So about a few weeks ago I remember speaking to the resident gardener at the Mobile Garden City which is about 5 minutes from my house & she was saying that a corporate group would be coming the same day as my birthday.

I woke a little later then I had planned, because of stomach issues & o I got there 10 minutes to 11 & then I spoke to the resident gardener & another from GL & then first I helped a bit with installing the sink area in the green cabin.

Pretty much all the people I spoke to were friendly & easy to chat, for me it was very important for me to get a chance to talk to people & felt that it could have been better, but I feel that with more practice, I will get better at it, I had a very nice lunch, & spoke a number of them & then in the afternoon, we made o.k progress as the guys completed the sink area & completed the storage stuff which was, pictures of the day are below.


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