DepecheMode volunteering at Olympic Park

This past Saturday was the first of the concerts at the Olympic Stadium (rebranded as the London Stadium), where this is the first of 4 nights, from 3 different acts.

I was a little bit worried that I might be a bit late for getting there, but managed to get there just before half past 2 at the information point, where when I got there it was very busy in there with quite a few volunteers already there, we left just after 2.30 & then had to wait not too long before I was given my T-shirt. We were then given our briefing & sent on our way with our respective volunteers, it was nice talking to a fellow volunteer, who were in different teams than the one I was in.

We were then deployed to our different areas, I & another volunteer were opposite the aquatics centre, where we had a steady stream of people arriving for the gig. We were given a nice lunch which consisted of a sandwich, an apple, KitKat bar, crisps & water.

An hour the headline act was due to perform there was a bit of a rush of people getting there & near the end, I literally was so confused about what was going, cause even when I spoke to the paid security, they admitted to me, that they were only interested in getting people in, & not caring about what entrance they had to come through.

We were then given our final briefing & the people w had requested tickets, were told to change from their pink shirts, but as I had not requested tickets I decided that I would go home & get ready to open my fast.

I managed to get access to loads of photo’s that people took which you can see in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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