Volunteering at the Shell Eco Marathon Event

I signed up for this opportunity a month ago kt was & I signed up for 6 out of the 7 days, cause I knew that I could not do the Friday session.

My first session was last Monday, which did not start off brilliantly cause because I was doing the England Handball Finals @ the Copper Box Arena in the Olympic Park in London, so what happened was that I was supposed to start at 8 am, but I did not wake up until half past 8 & then had to rush to get to the Olympic Park, & got there just before 9am, & got my stuff, t-shirt, cap, bag, bottle & Jacket & then I went into the room for the induction & that I think took around 20 minutes & then I went to the Cafeteria where the rest of the park champions were & the after having a bit of Coffee we went into our Fire training, where we first watched a film about the dangers of fire, & then we used  this laser thing (insert picture) to practice removing a fire, we were then put into groups of 2 & the some people went for their lunch, but I was with another guy, & we were near the student paddocks, not much happened apart from a massive oil leak, cause a fellow volunteer ha a radio, he was able to contact our boss, who was still sorting it when we left, we were given food vouchers, but I had a look, & all the food looked rank, finished at 2.

The next few days not much was happening a little more busy, working in the paddocks making sure that the teams went, where they were supposed to go & was nice chatting to the teams, & then was at the waterfront, helping teams in the registration tent, which was nice, even though to this day I have no idea Shell meant by Shell Buddy, but for most of the first 3 days,  I was at least with a park champion, which made it o.k.

On Thursday was the first day it opened to the public, which I knew their PR team struggles a lot of cause, even though it says a four-day festival, they basically say to adults fuck off for the first few days. Most of the shell people were nice, but because I am just a volunteer they just leave us by ourselves & for the last 3 days I was volunteering there I was on my own, which I hated, cause tat is not the reason I volunteered, did get some good video shot’s but I definitely would not recommend this, & they want honesty they will get that, will be creating a video on this event which should be up in a couple of days

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