England Nation Finals Handball @Copper Box Arena


It was only about a week ago that I decided to book onto this opportunity. I was not sure if I wanted to do it because I thought that I would be doing something else, but I decided you know what I might as well rack up the hours.

So what happened was that on Saturday night I decided that the best way for me to guarantee that I was not late was to stay up all night which not that difficult, as daylight is earlier now.

I left home around half past 8 & was told to be by the run sign by 8.45, which I did no problem getting there on time, but the thing was that I remembered from the email that was sent to all the park champions, told us all to meet at the RUN sign outside the Copper Box arena, me & another volunteer were waiting & then we decided that it was better to go on the bottom floor & then we met the guy that was involved.

I was initially told that I would be required to sweep the floor but then almost immediately was told to go to the front desk & then make sure check them off the list, & between the 3 of us we managed, I was unsure about one of the volunteers making me feel useless & that person was I don’t know Penzu for that, but it was nice even the list could have been done by somebody who clearly cannot read or write, & somebody clearly forgot to inform us that we would be required to finish until 7 pm, a volunteer had to leave early (tl) but it was good & managed to get some good photo’s & video’s which will be up if not tomorrow then Saturdy.

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