Me at the West Ham v Liverpool match


This was my second time at the now re-branded London Stadium going there for the football. I managed to pick up my tickets from the info point opposite the aquatics centre, last Thursday.

For a few days, I was looking for somebody to go with me asked a few people but unfortunately, I could not find anyone to go with but thought that these tickets have cost me 50 volunteering hours & I thought I am going to go anyway.

I left my home around 25 past 1 & got into the park at around quarter to 2 & then I had a quick stop & spoke to Iain & then I made my way to the stadium & first they had a quick check in my bag to see what was inside & patted me down, I was thinking that they might not allow me to take my selfie stick but that was nit a problem, as I feared it might be & thought I had a problem getting in, but what happened was that I forgot from my previous visit to the stadium for the football, but green means go & the lady behind me means o.k to go & then I got into the ground & managed to find the block I was in & then there quite a few stairs that I had to walk up. I was then greeted by a security guy who pointed out whére my section was there, I will be honest I found it difficult to watch, had to scramble for the railings but managed to get to my sets 10 minutes before the match & then after figuring it out, realised there was another volunteer who was there for the rugby league last year.

For the first probably 20 minutes the place was a bit noisy but after that it was pretty quiet which was nice & also managed to get some good pictures & video for my YouTube channel, it was nice having some seat next to me empty, but tén another volunteer came & saw him & people very lucky that I did not bring anothér person or else they ould not be sitting there.

The match was exciting not if you are a West Ham supporter, it was noisy for the first half an hour & when West Hm attacking, but as soon as Liverpool scored they kept quiet & West Ham had a golden opportunity just before halftime hen West Ham had a chance, when it was easier to score than to miss but thy managed to miss it, & that was half time.

During the half time break, I spoke to Rohit’s brother in lawv& had a very nice chatting now reflecting on the different things we were talking about, I regret not giving him my business card but the situation is still recoverable.

The second half started with Liverpool on the front foot could have scored very early in the second & it was no surprise when the goal, I was seeing it from the fsr end when a Liverpool hit the ball we all thought it went over, but it hit the crossbar & Liverpool scored from the scrape. Liverpool’s third goal came about 15 minutes later under controversial situation, West Ham fans shouted for  penalty, but no penalty was given, & then they were booing the Liverpool players for not kicking the ball out, but it is the referee who decides & at that point quite a  lot of West Ham’s fans left & then a few minutes later when Liverpool Scored their fourth most of the people had left, it was great I could soak it in & internally laugh at them.

When I left the stdiumnI was expecting to be as tricky as when I went before, but it was easy to leave. I believe it was worth it, can now cross that off my bucket list. I will be putting together a video of my day at the London Stadium, & I have included photo’s as well.

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