Great British Tennis Weekender

imageI saw this recently on twitter that at Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis centre were having free tennis as part the great british tennis weekend. When I got there, the guy I have seen there before, said I only go there when it’s free which is correct.

I tried to answer him in a nice way, by saying I do look for freebies & then played almost 4 hours of tennis, did hsve some breakd, & did manage to get some filming done

The first thing I did was playing a little bit of this lady wendy who was not great but it was o.k, we then got quite a bit of nice coaching, where we lernt how to do the basics of tennis & I for one feel that I can get better & hopefully after Ramadan, will register, but what I would need woud b people to play with. Getting back to what they want to cal grezt british tennis weekender, was o.k, cause managed to play a number of hours which was great, felt my knees hurting me, but it was definetly worth it, did think that the curly haired guy was rude to me, although at the time I just brushed it of as nothing, which quite possibly means that, I will if can get things sorted that I will play tennis more regularly but not here at the Lee Valley Hockey & tennis centre.


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