Leytonstone Tabletop Games

14681675_10153765889505981_4381583437179394925_nThis was the second time that I had gone, the last time I was not feeling very well & I left around half past 9. The thing I don’t get is it os advertised for 7.30pm, but on the two occasions that I have gone, it has been closer to 8 then 7.30.

I first was sitting there by myself, & then I met James & then the first game we played was this game picture, called uckers, similar to ludo, then what the guy who bought in the game, did not say the rules before the game, but just kept on adding rules, & then the game was not that long about 40 minutes, & then the rules, we all thought the rest of us, found confusing that you could stack your pieces & then split them, he won, & then we assumed that the game was over, & then he said play on, but we all agreed that was it re game was over.

We then sat on a different table & after a little break, we played this game (picture) where at first you were given a set number of cards & then the cards would either have instructions on them or they would be plain, & the idea of the game was to not get the exploding cat, cause if you did not have the diffuser card, cause you had already used it then you would be out of the game, & then on the cards you would have instructions on the cards telling you what you had to, & then if you played a card then you would still have to draw a card, & the cards that did not have any instructions, then with that you would either have to have all 5, or a pair or 3 & then to my surprise I won that game.

We then played this game spy fall, where there were 8 of us & the game was that we would all be given a card, that would have  location on it, apart from one player who would have he spy card, & the wy the game worked was that, all the players would ask all the other players questions then the whole group would have to decide who they thought was the spy, if they got it right, then all the other players would win & if  they got it wrong then the spy would in. We played this game twice & the first time was quite fast, but on the second occasion it took longer cause, we guessed who the spy was, but he forgot to mention it & that is why the game took longer,

We then played this game Escape from Aliens which I did not understand & then this time it was much n

enjoyable than lat time & my mum phoned 20 past 11 & then when I got home, mum shaking why, but it was definitely better the the first time.


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