London Lions Basketball (not really) @ the Copper Box Arena

At the beginning of last week, I managed to bag a ticket for the London Lions v Glasgow Rocks basketball match at the Copper Box Arena (a leisure centre), trying to sex the place up, with that name. The way I got my free ticket is cause I am a Park Champion volunteer, which basically means that I help out with loads of different stuff that is happening in the park.

So this past Friday I got to the copper box arena 30 minutes before the scheduled tip-off, when I was there I saw some volunteers that I recognised, others that I wished not to recognise.  I thought that I would seat at the top part of my section, cause normally when I am sitting somewhere  for a long time, I get a bit wobbly, the only problem was that, I basically did not have anybody to talk to, cause I had about 3 sets left empty to my left & about a couple to my right. The game was a little exciting, but it was not what is basketball, cause as everyone knows basketball is 48 minutes in total, divided into four quarters of 12 minutes each. When I last saw British Basketball, on the T.V it said 10 minutes each quarter & at the time I thought this was a graphics mistake but not as you will see from the pictures below, if I had paid for my tickets, I definitely would have felt short changed, saying that it was nice watching what sport this is.


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