Park Champions Get Together


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It feels strange cause in my on mind, I was thinking to myself, how great would it be if the park champions met outside their volunteering hours & then kind of magically, the Boat Tour & the get together at Four Quarters was put up as a volunteering opportunity & I made sure that I signed up for the Boat Tour before it would be no space left & then earlier in the week got an email saying about the get together at Four Quarters & then initially it said that the opportunity was full & the miraculously it just booked me on.

So I was all ready to leave yesterday, having given myself enough time to get to the information point & everything was going O.K & then I was panicking cause I thought I can’t find my wallet I was not planning on spending any money, but it had my business cards in them & to be honest I was really struggling, with around 20 minutes left I managed to find my wallet & then I did have to run a little bit, but managed to get there, with just a few minutes to spare.

After about 5 minutes we made our way to the pontoon, where we got onto the boat & then whimps wanted the plastic panels shut I managed to take quite a number of photo’s & video’s which was nice & will be putting them to good use & it was nice to talk to people that I had not met before.

We then made our way to Four Quarters which is a place, where they sell drinks, a little bit of food, but it is mainly a video games place where they have arcade games & then games stalls as you can see from the pictures. I was walking with the head of the volunteers, & then we realised that we’re walking fast, but as we both commented that was because it was cold & then we got there just before 7 pm. Loads of the people got their drinks, but a number of us about consistent number were at the Nintendo console & we played Mario Cart through the night, was not great, but did not come last all the time, won the final game also played space invaders, Daytona racing & a little bit during the evening I was getting a ,little annoyed cause I was always coming last & then decided to play the arcade game & it was a very good night cause at the end I managed to give my business card to 3 people which was good, cause it was only scheduled for an hour & then we were there for over 2 &a half hours which was great.


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