Volunteering at the London Marathon, with Active Newham


I was probably thinking about it, from sometime on Saturday night. I normally would go to sleep, but to be completely honest I was worried that if I fell asleep, then either I would go there in a right panic, or that I would be o late getting there, there would be no point in going there, so what I decided to do was make sure that I got everything ready, that including making sure I looked presentable, to having all my clothes sorted in terms of what I would wear for the next day, also had to make sure that I had enough food for the longish day. I also made sure that I wrote down, what train I would need, what time it would be departing from Leyton Station, I also wrote down instructions of how to get from the DLR Station to the place where I was supposed to meet the other active Newham volunteers, this is where I struggled a bit.

I almost forgot my directions & the train sheet, but remember when my mum said don’t rush & then I left home around just after  6.30am & got to the station quicker than I was expecting to. I easily had no problem getting through the barriers, cause the one that would allow prams was already opened & then fast forwarding a bit was quite easy to get to Crossharbour, & that is where it took me around 30 minutes, cause I don’t know where north is & had to ask people where it was & then got there, with I thought I had 10 minutes, & then I found my name on the sheet & then got my stuff, shown what was included in the photo below.

I managed to get a cup of coffee after put on the gear, for the event, I then had my coffee & tried to mingle a little, & then we were given our briefing & then we headed on to the course, & me filming the day, then Alison said need to people to do marshalling at the 16 mile point, me & another volunteer Jacob agreed to do that. The part that we were at was strange cause at the beginning nothing much was happening, until a couple of guys come & talk to the paid security was of them was saying how he would like to do sexual acts on her, which I thought was flipping disgusting, for the first 2 & a bit hours, had a steady amount, & then when the masses were coming through, it was busy for  couple of hours & then it died on a little, & at around 3, we were told by the head guy that we could leave z& then when me & Jacob went back to the station, & I realised that I did not see the exit & then I got off at Canary wharf & then when I got to Leyton Station, I showed the guy my pass & I was allowed.

To summarise the whole day, I ould say that it started with confusion & ended with soreness, I enjoyed talking to Jacob & only when I got home I realised that I should have given him my card, but definitely getting better @ this stuffs of lot, & the more I do the better I ill get.


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