Stratford Open Mic Night

I saw this advertised in Stratford library about 6 weeks ago & at the time I thought that I would get an opportunity to perform some stand-up comedy, but when I saw the Flyer it clearly seemed that was not the case.

Anyway last Saturday came up & thought that I would go Stratford library & check that out. Before going to the library I was planning to go the Here East building to pick some leaflets, but I realized that I may not have enough time & so I went to the library & I was there around 10 minutes before they were supposed to start.

It did start a bit late as they were having technical difficulties & that is why they started later than billed. I spoke to the lady & apart from 2 other people & me the rest of the people there were her family members or something like that. The night a lady basically reading her favourite poems from a book & doing some ad-libbing, which was o.k, then this poet & singer, & then we had this scavenger¬†hunt in the library which was fun but a little tiring then had a couple of teen performers which was quick, it was O.K, but if something is not happening close to me, then I probably won’t go, but it was nicer then I thought, I am still not sure if really non-blacks should be there.


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