Visiting Leyton Food Market


I had interviewed the guys who setup the market, which I am hoping will be on the next Food Show on East London Radio a few weeks back. I went to the opening of Leyton Food Market (8th April), with Nadia who is the volunteer coordinator for East London Radio, & works on the The Food Show.

I was planning to get there, exactly when  the market was going to open at 10 am, but I had a problem with my phone & so could not make it then, but got there just before 11 & then had a bit of a wonder & then about 10 minutes after I got there, that is when Nadia arrived. We first sat down & decided that I we would use my camera to record the sound for the interviews we were planning to do.

We did the first interview we did using the camera was from a guy from a honey company & the guy was very reluctant about doing the interview cause he did not want to be on camera & then explained that we would only be using the audio, but he said that he did not want his voice on the radio.

Then kind of magically, the dictaphone that was not working 5 minutes earlier suddenly started to work, after Nadia probably blew the dust off it, & then we asked a lot of people for interviews & apart from a few who did not want to be interviwed for the radio for different reasons, most agreed. Nadia did all the interviews while I took all the photographs. Interviewed a variety of stalls, that included an Indian food stall, Jamaican food stall, Falafel place, Cakes place, Potato place, Bread Stall & a fish stall, you can see a slide show of all the photo’s I took while I was there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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