An exciting day

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So last week I was unable to go to the pottery project due to the fact that I was supposed to be doing conservation volunteering & I could have probably gone but was definitely not in the right headspace. This week was different, I have a very hard time in the mornings, not something that makes it hard for me to not wake up but to get up. I this time ran a little late by about 5 minutes I should realise tht it takes around 10 minutes to get to the Chobham Manor Marketing Suite.

When I got there the first thing I did was I completed my Cat & the reason I id not finish the finish what I was making was not because I was late, but because I was not bold enough to say to Linda the teacher of the class & then started to make a money box & as you can see from the pictures below, these are the creations of the other people in the class.

When tht finished I decided that I would go to the Timber Lodge for the Africn Drumming, which I did have a go at previously at the end of February & that time it was only for a few minutes. I was not ure how long it was going for, I thought that it was 12 till 1 but a lady who came probably round halfwy through the lesson sid it was 2 hours, even before I got there  I was planning to only go for 1 hour, which zi did but even in the time I was there it was very exciting leärn how to play a little bit of the African Drums.

Around 10 past 5 I decided that I would go to Stratford Library for the performane jm which I saw a bit of last time, they did start late, they had in the first half, a spoken word Guy who did a bit of comedy, there was a singer & also there seemed to some kind of homosexual, & a singer. I was not sure I was going to sty for the second half, but then got talking to a female, did not bother asking her name, cause it is more then likely that I will never see that person agin, we talked about TV shows & films. Most people who were supporting from the firt half left which was o.k, but stupid crowd. In the second we saw a couple of spoken ord pieces, a dancer in a wheelchair & a singer who said her influences are old school people, how does she cope with modern technology, but waffling a bit it was an O.K day, almost finished putting togther the piece for the food show on Et Lonon Radio & saw that I got a message from Unity Kitchen, which hopefully can get things sorted can conduct my interview, I also have to email Ian from the culture show on East London Radio saying 2 things why have you deserted the twitter page & have to speak about he 64 bit festival at Here Est in the Olympic Park, finally I hve to email Nadia about ideas for new shows for the sttion.


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