SuperNova 5K


About a week ago I had to be reminded that I had already registered to volunteer for this event. First all the volunteers we were told would be getting refreshments & then last Friday was told that we would not be getting any refreshment, I kind of thought that we would not get any refreshments as it was only 3 hours of volunteering, not exactly sure what the procedure would be with Active Newham (Volunteer Programme).

So on the day I left a tiny bit after when I was planning to leave & so had to do a little bit of running & then I was fortunate to be able to get there just before 5pm & then I gor in the podium bar & kitchen & then had to wait a bit & then a few people turned up late & then we were positioned in our spotß. I am not sure that the reason I was put on the first point B21 was when Sandra one of the 2 main people, it would better to be closer if you need to go the toilet & I said tht when it gets cold ten that is a problem. In the next hour, I layed don on the grass listening to music & then justine who I met t the garden place & then she gave me an emergency number & her number, non emergency & the pople staeted coming round my section 15 minutes into the race & then for at the next 15 minutes after that a steady stream of people & a lot people wan’t to cut the grass & take a quick short cut & then Abbey who was at the back of the run said my section ws finished & then I returned my high vis to the medical hur & then went back to the start & there I saw Justine & I signed & was told by her that I should of got this (picture) & then she gave me hers z& thn after sitting for a bit & then after a bit left to go home. In generall for me speaking about myself, it was good tgat I did that joke or I may of had to be situated in a place where I would not be able to lie down or dit down, so for that reason, happy, at least my feet don’t hurt as much as they would hve done.



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