East Village Cheese & Wine festival

To be honest the only reason that I decided that I would go to this is because I spoke to someone from the E20 PR team & was told that it would be o.k for me to do that, & the only thing that they needed to know was what exactly did I need & then was told ho to speak to on the day & was asked in the email to say roughly what time they should be expecting me to be there.

So yesterday  I did leave home around an hour later than I had told them, but I was still feeling O.K & then after I asked somebody who seemed to know what was going to help me find the E20 PR person & then she managed to find the person & then I did not mind waiting & then I managed to get the interview for East London Radio & then I have to check on how they can use that audio & maybe video. The spokesperson for the event did a fantastic job talking about the event z& future plans.

I decided to stay for a bit & decided to wander & try to capture was a little bit difficult, because it was very busy in a lot of stalls as you can see from the pictures below. I decided to have a look at the cheese carving & before I saw it, I was thinking to myself how impressive can this, but when you see these pictures you will see the stunning works of art, & it is edible. I did enjoy the event did not speak to loads of people but chatted to the people carving the cheese & it is very impressive. If you missed the cheese carving, that, unfortunately, yesterday was the only day for this, but this is a 2-day festival, which finishes at 6 pm today, sees you there.


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