Winter Mini Games


I signed up to this opportunity around a few weeks ago & at the time it said 8.30till 4 pm, & I did sign up but was not exactly sure how far from my house to Newham Leisure centre is, then a few days ago I was relieved to see that the start time had been changed, so now it would be starting at 11 am.

So I accidently fell asleep & fortunately for me the start had been put back, cause if it was at its original time, I would have been royally screwed, cause I did not get up until around half past, I then had my breakfast & I hated the fact that I had to ask my mum for a lift, but unfortunately that is something that I have to do. We þen left around just before 10.30& got there around10.50. When I got in there at first was a bit lost but then what I did was ask a member of staff who told me that I needed to go to the sports hall & got there & then signed, & then I saw Anu from Mobile Garden City was there was nice chatting to him, it was not until 12.30pm before the activities started & then that is where I felt that my skills could have been better used, cause all I was doing was checking ll 3Boccia courts & it would have made no difference if I was not there, helped a tiny bit, but I am definitely more reluctant to do any events, cause you are left most of the time isolated. It was not horrendous cause it gave me the opportunity to talk to people & think about my thoughts, but definitely they have to be much shorter in distance for me to even consider it.


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