Leytonstone Tabletop Board Games

I saw this advertised on Facebook & at first, I just put it down as interested, but then a few days before the 29th March, I saw that they would have the game ticket to ride Europe & that convinced me that I wanted to go.

So I knew that it would take me some time to get there but was not exactly sure how long it would take & so that is I got to the North Star pub around 5 minutes late & first the bar lady said nobody was there, then she said one other person was & then it must have been around 15 minutes at least before people started coming to the pub & were not sure that they were here for the tabletop gaming. I was not feeling that great while we were playing ticket to ride the American one & then that finished & then we played a game called flaxx which was over in no more then 5 or so minutes & I probably would have if two conditions had been met, I had told my parents that I would be coming home late & the other reason would be that if I did not have the struggles I was having with my stomach & the pain in my chest.

James & the people on the table I was sitting were nice to me Graham, Peter & susan were very nice to me & as I said that I would have no problem staying longer if I was feeling physically better, but I do feel at the moment that I will be coming to the next one

Games played tonight – Survive, Ticket to Ride, Cards Against Humanity, Spyfall, Saboteur, King of Tokyo, Fluxx, Codenames and others


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