Forest Gate Library Movie Club


This was my third occasion volunteering for this particular role. I left home around 10 past 3 & got to Forest Gate Library, as I have said this was on,y my third time to volunteer & this time was the most chaotic session to date.

Initially, everything seemed to going fine, I managed to get all the seats lined up & then this twat took one of the chairs, & he had the nerve to say that I should get a chair from where they were stacked, I wanted to punch him in the face. Getting the movie was difficult then it was not started properly & then people running around & then a family came in & caused trouble by not behaving & I a little bit encouraged them a bit too much, also because how they looked, I was a bit scared they might turn ugly & pretended to get on with them, & then when I was speaking to Andrea about the chaos & said that I should contact Martine, she is the person I spoke to before volunteering about my concerns about what is happening & for more help with the movie club, & suggestions to make it better.


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