Why I am angry at the park champions program?

This is a place where I can write what I want, & about anything I want to blog about. On this blog I want to talk about the park champions program (Adele) & OurParks ho are the bigger players out of the two, cause they are the one’s that tweet from Park Champions volunteering in the park?

This all started just over a month ago when I asked Adele about the Wallball volunteering opportunity at Chobham Manor Academy & asked her about who writes the volunteer description & was told that the organiser does that & then passes that on & I remember before volunteering & I said that I ould prefer to do a specific role & was told that my request would be passed on to Frank the team leader, which turned out to be a lie. So I explained this to Adele a number of times that all the information on the website was completely wrong, cause Darren the guy from Uk Wallball had no idea, what the hell was going on & then I raised this, she lied by saying that the issued has been dealt & I have explained that somebody is lying to me about this & it is a good thing that I am writing about this cause, this reminds me that I will 100% make a complaint against Adele & Our park life & the next time I go to the park, I will make sure that I make sure that I know how to make a complaint (Even aginst the top people)



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