Forest Gate library & crazy sort of attack

Yesterday, even though I got up late my plan was to always go to the forest gate library movie club, this is my second week & I did not ask what the movie would be & last week I remembered the wrong movie. Anyway I need to make a note of how long it is going to take me to get to Forest Gate library. Yesterday I got there just after 3.40 & found out the movie was Diary of a Whimpy Kid Dog Days & I have to say the people that were nicer then last week & the chairs were easy to setup, the only problem was finding the movie & getting it played, but once the movie started it was good & the only issue was that people kept asking for popcorn & I had to keep asking & then eventually we got some popcorn, I will try from next week to bring my food, maybe, I then spent a bit of time putting things back, & the also helped the lady & then left.

As I was on my way to leaving, on the edge of Earlham Grove very close to Forest Gate library & then I witnessed for around 10 minutes heated debate with a guy & a girl & she seemed to get away & then the guy was talking to some other guys & it seemed like it had all gone away & was thinking to myself oh now I can go home & then he was riding his bike towards her & started running towards, like not making it look like I was chasing him & then I stopped had screaming from there & I could not phone 3% battery life & the fortunately there were a few people that managed to phone the police & the they came quickly, had a quick word & the continued on my way home.


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