Your Neighbourhood Talks

Yesterday I went to my volunteering opportunity at the park. I booked this a while back & before I left I checked  what time I would have to get there by & I left with enough time & I got to outside the stadium & was completely lost & then I saw a white marquee tent the same one, that was used when I volunteered at the rugby league event in the park & then I said to the guy about me volunteering for the event & he told me where the event was. When I got there I apologized for being late & explained the reason behind that.

Then Adele told us who we would be partnered with & even before she said who would be with who & where they would be situated, maybe she heard me saying I don’t mind be outside or not, but I definitely don’t believe that I believe the reason for it, was becäuse of my negative feedback about the wallball event that occurred at Chobham manor & I have not said anything to her because I know that she will 100%deny.

I was stationed as a way finder with a newbie Paul & our jobs was to show people where to go the other guy was more vocal then me, but had a good steady amount of people there & what I did not like & which I my mention somewhere online about the guy having a cigarette & that is not on, we were then told to have our breaks @18.48 & the ladies (fellow volunteers) said that we had until 19.20 & then I had some coffee & had some crisps & then @19.18 was told to go back to my wayfinding point & the second half there was clearly fewer people going in & more people coming out, but it was still nice talking to people the ones that were leaving more inclined to chat.

We then left our positions @20.10 & then I went up to the place where all the stalls were had a nice chat ith some of the cells with mobile garden city learned groundhog day for them, also spoke to Here East & people about nextdoor, streetlife & then spoke to this company better points, which was nice having a conversation & mainly listening to what another colleague was saying to a member of the ysrd & then spoke a little to the lady from the yard & then out of nowhere Layla from LLDC approached me & was telling me about a 12 week volunteer programme, not sure if I will be able to take this offer up, but said I am definitely interested, which I am most certain,y m, & this no word of a lie.


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