Newham Music Choir at Chobham Academy


I had no idea when the group started this yer, cause this only really my second time, I did go 3 weeks ago, but that was more of a watching brief & then last week, the session felt good. This week I got there around the same time I did last week.k

When I got there, this time I was the only one there & then had a quick little singing lesson, I don’t know if you know this feeling when someone gives you a compliment but also having a dig at you, the way Liam was saying you are shit, but come back here every again.

Near the end of the session we had the whole group singing pitch perfect & the guy next to me who dressing like what doctor who would wear kept bobbing his fucking head & when we were sitting down, he was not like,let me let the guy who has no sheet music & had to move my chair forward & even before Liam was saying all the songs they were learning, I was thinking to myself, there is no point in me coming back again, well definitely not in this cycle & I regret asking about the dropbox, but wrote a little bit on Twitter saying I’m done.


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