Forest Gate Movie & Lego Club

download (5)On Thursday I went to meet Martine the community engagement officer before Ault board game night. I got there just about 5 pm & then the person called her & then I glad to wait a few minutes & then I met her & we had a nice chat about me wanting to volunteer for the movie & lego clubs. In the email I sent I enquired about also the science club, but I thought that it would be better for me just to start with these two.

So this past Friday was my first time volunteering at Forest Gate library for the movie club, unfortunately, I got there a little late then I was preparing, but got there & helped out good & it was nice watching the movie Annie, had to tell this wanna be gangster to shut, I wanted to say that we can make a movie about you, but thought better of it, & then I helped put things away, felt that I had to cause I got there a little later then I was planning to get there, & then I clearly did not mind cleaning up the mess, cause I know how to clean stuff.

Yesterday I went to the second thing that I signed up which was the Lego Club & was a little late, but it clearly did not matter, cause it was very fast to set everything up & then I thought I was very clear with my instructions, but then the curly haired library staff member wanted & succeeded in undermining me, by not even going by what it sys on the left, & then also I told the people what the theme was & it was movie TV characters & then it started well, & then people came in & it seemed a few of the people that came were under 5 & I have to be completely honest I really not just not enjoyed it but could feel a real pain in my head that was worse then a headache & will emailmMartine the community engagement officer, that I won’t be doing this volunteering opportunity anymore, because this was to much chaos & anarchy for me to be able to do it, & it is not good for my health to be doing this volunteering opportunity, np point wasting time doing bad volunteering activity that I don’t like.


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