International Women’s Day

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Yesterday I was signed up to volunteering as a park champion for the international Women’s day event that took place at the hockey & tennis center in the Olympic park. I was saying to myself that I need to get there early, but that is not exactly what happened, what actually happened was that I watching quite a lot of the cricket & was not planning to sleep so then I would be ready early, so, unfortunately, I got up around 8.45 & had had two spoonfuls of my Weetabix & then got there quicker than what google map says, I was only around 5 or so minutes late & then there was still a few people after me.

The thing I found funny was that yesterday they day someone created to ma

We did not get started until just before 10 am, showing around a primary school, which were in the morning & the school I was with were nice & then they did activities around 2 areas, that included, Boccia, Cheerleading, Cycling, Boxing & Judo plus many more, this the first time that I had done something like this with the park champions, the event was o.k few photo’s with people nice, the problem with these big events then people, is that the people who were supposed to be helping to busy on these people leading the sessions did not know what 15 minutes is.

The big thing a liked a little bit was just not just talking to the park champions, but also all the different people running, the activites & it was also nice to have a go at some of the activites & they were very nice to me, which I liked.

The funny thing was that yesterday for International Women’s Day it was not dry for a longbperiod of time & there was quite a bit of rain & then today it was bone dry, maybe god some sense of humor.


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