Chobham Art Potery project @Chobham Manor

I have seen this advertised on Facebook, clearly, afyer Facebook saw that I was going to the pancake party, that happened on Shrove Tuesday.

I thought to myself that even though the last time I used clay was in secondary school, I thought that I can’t complain about things to do & then when something happens to be less than 10 minutes from where I live & it’s free then I have got to check it out.

So on the day, I made a little bit of a mistake, not by first getting up at 9.30, & at the moment thought oh I will just get up in 20 minutes, I keep making that same mistake, I hate myself for it. I eventually got up around 20to 11 & then quickly had my breakfast & got ready & got to the place at just about 11. When I got there they weren’t quired ready & then people still came to me, & I will need to ask a question before I consider going to the next session, is this is this an event on for adults that bring young children don’t mention me, or they will just try to blow smoke up my arse.

So the workshop started at probably around quarter past 11 & then we made some stuff as you can see below I was the only one that took what the instructor said, so maybe if I do go next week, I won’t properly listen to the person running the workshop, rather than the people next to me, she did säy a few interesting things, like what type of clay it is, it is air drying clay, which is not the terracotta clay we used in secondary school.


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