Leyton Street Food Market


After probably around 3 weeks trying to get an interview for the food show on East London radio, I managed to get the interview with Steve Bruno the brains behind the concept. I thought that I had fucked it up cause twice I had managed to go to the wrong place, cause I thought that the place was on North Birbeck road & I can’t believe I got that wrong twice but after a 2-hour delay I managed to find the place.

When I got into the Muga pizza place at first I got a little lost, but then what turned out to be the chef said come in, when I entered the place, I made sure that I apologised for screwing up & Bruno made a joke about it being screw up Friday which really put me to ease & then before the interview just had a quick chat with both guys about how the interview would go, & then to my pleasure Stev offered a beverage & I said water & it was tap water which I was happy with. We the began the interview & I was given the chance for a pizza & because I did not recognise any that I was sure I could eat, I went with the 4 chesses pizza & then we started the interview with plans for the future of Leyton Street Food Market & then I had the muga pizza was very nice & then also talked about the origins of the market & the interview went well, the guys running it were very nice & that is what made the 25 minute interview very nice to do. You will hear the interview on the food show on East London Radio hopefully next month, in the men check out East London Radio.


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