Cycling on the pavement


I don’t know what other people think, but I think that it is disgusthat tgat cyclists seemed to be allowed to ride thir bicycles on the pavement. I remember a little while back I had a spat with someone online, that I said that all cuclists are idiots, & that was relating to a story of a cyclist getting injured by a car, & I got to be honest I feel no sympathy for cyclists.

I have had so far had one cycling lesson,m& can only imagine how scary the roads, when you stupid drivers, but that is no way an excuse for cycling on the pavements, which is unexpected surprise & danger go the pedestrians. I hage cyclists who tgat & the reason why I am so angry id because I have been hit by a not so rogue cyclist who hit e with his bike & just pissed of & that is why I get angry when people cycle on the pavements, I know the roads can be dangerous but that is the place for them. I also feel that they should be under the same rules as motor users have, then when thy inevitably do something illegal, that then they would get punished in the same way as other road users.


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