Adult Game Night at the Gate LibraryForest Gate)


When I was in Stratford Library, thinking to myself let me see stuff that is happening & I did pick up a lot of leaflets & I also managed to pick up the Newham magazine, which most of it is rubbish, apart from the last few pages where it shows you the activities & then I noticed that on Thursday’s at Forest Gate library & thought to myself this hopefully will be good, but there was a bit part of my brain thinking what if is like the table tennis Monday’s which were a total flop.

So on the day itself, I left latér then I was planning to & it was going to run between 5.30pm & 7.30pm & I got there around just before 6 & then the first game we played travels across Europe which did take around 50 minutes, it was a nice game. We then played a card game of some sort, hated, we then played a numbers game similar to scrabble for numbers which were very nice & spent a good 90 minutes in there was very nice  & the thing was as my psychologist said that building more hobbies & interests can really help me with my personal goals. I will definitely be going again next week & may even bring my own game




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