Manchurian Cdidate

the_manchurian_candidate_posterSince Donald Jon Trump (actually name Drumpf), become the USA’s 45th president. I heard people talking about this election in the same way they were talking about the movie the Manchurian Candidate, which a lot of people have been mentioning, i.e like the world famous Comedian Trevor Noah, which until a couple of days ago I had not seen the movie & decided that I would go & watch this movie.

I knew a little about the movie from the bio,but actually watching the movie, it felt so unreal, cause you suspect that there is someone controlling the current president in the same way that Liev Schrieber & Denzel Washington’s character have this microchip inserted in their heads, that is controlling what they do,which are horrifying things, which is what the umpa lumpa is doing & the movie is long over two hours, which some people will say that is to long, but it goes through each point about their time in Vietnam. There were 3 scenes which I would describe as horrifying, & although you want to feel angry at the shaw character, which is very difficult cause you can see the look on his face, that is happening is not him, looks like a zombie.


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