YouTube Creator Academy


A few days I stumbled across a YouTube live stream with a Youtuber that I have never heard of & thought to myself that it would be good if I signed up to that. The event live streaming happened yesterday at 18.30.

I was about 3 minutes late but fortunately did not miss anything, I have to say I can 100% realise why there were less than 100 people watching it, it was rubbish cause the host was absolutely shit & for around 40 minutes he was the questions & I was thinking fucking you know her you can speak to her whenever you want to, but we don’t get the chance, the thing that really pissed me of, was that 30 minutes before the live stream was to start I asked a couple questions using the form & they did not want to answer my question & I know they were saying there is an event in the youtube space, which I know I am disqualified from, but even if I had the necessary numbers I would never use that place.

On a slight sidenote David Walsh was doing a live Q&A & it was nice that he answered one of my questions, but I always find shocking that somebody asked him are you going to VIDCON  in Amsterdam & then he said that I m waiting for my freebie & I was thinking how ridiculous it is that when you don’t have money you have to pay for things, but hen you o have money, you don’t have to get your cash out please explain that to me.


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