East London Radio Food Show Meeting

download-1I was yesterday glad that I got another opportunity to meet the people at east london radio, after missing the event in Ilford a few weeks ago. I was happy when a week ago I got an email from Nadia from ELR saying that there would be a meeting on the upcoming Saturday.

I wanted to make sure that I did not arrive in the same manner as I did when I went &  met Nadia at the end of last year. I left home around 15 minutes later then I had planned, & it did take me just over 35 minutes to get there & then for a brief moment forgot where the place was.

Fortunately When I got there, they were finish tall ( women’s hour) & then this time there were a few more people & then I completed the form & then we waited around 10 & then started the meeting & for quite a lot of the meeting, I did not really talk & near the end of the meeting, started talking & by the end of the meeting, felt encouraged to talk more & feel that I can the people, cause I would love to do that, also after the meeting have some good features for the show, it was very nice meeting people.


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