Recording my Introduction for London Small YouTubers


I had recorded my video for London Small Youtubers Facebook page a few weeks back, but then just over a week ago my computer decided to play a funny game called delete a whole folder for no reason.

Anyway let me get back I was planning to record the introduction for London Small Youtubers but always seemed to miss the opportunity, little bit due to me some people may say me being lazy. I went to the Olympic this past Wednesday to record all the pieces. I had written a script & not just that to make sure that I did not confuse myself I numbered them & that made it definately easier for me.

What I did was go to different locations around the park to record the different pieces, I went to the orbit, outside the aquatics centre, Mandavile Place, outside West Ham’s ground the Olympic Stadium, the velodrome to record the different segments which the plan is to edit together & have up definately in the next few days.

Check out my Facebook & Twitter accounts to know when that is.

Facebook: ysrmahmood.9

Twitter: ysrmahmood


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