Retro Entertainment

retro-entertainmentjpgI have started my own (computer games) business, when I registered as a sole trader a year ago, but have not yet launched my business which I will be trading under the name Retro Entertainment.

My plan is to start with is to sell 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th generation games. I will look to sell gaming ad on’s which are neccessary to play the games & then I would also be selling gaming accessories which would not be a requirement for playing the game but would enhance the gameplay.

I will then look to sell consoles that will enable you to play games for that particular console.

As my trading name does include the word Entertainment, the possilbilites are endless. My other ideas as my trading name has the word entertainment which would allow to sell more then just for computer games and that is why I will look to sell Blue Ray DVD’s not your standard DVD’s which have a higher quality then normal DVD’s.

Something else I need to think about is how I would fulfil the orders that come through, the different avenue that I will be using to sell.


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