Million Dollar Arm


I decided after watching Keeping up with the Joneses  & then thought that I would watch another o f John Ham’s movies Million Dollar Arm.

This is the second time I have watched the movie but not for quite a while, firstly let me tell you what the movie is about, the movie centres on JB a sports agent who when his biggest potential client decides that another bigger company then his can offer him a better deal it leaves JB in trouble cause the business is far from booming & then the spark of inspiration when he is watching cricket he decides to launch the contest called million dollar arm to find someone who can pitch for a major league baseball team (or as I like to call it sexed up rounders).

When he get’s to India he finds out that you can get things done faster if you pay the right people & then the things will get done, which is my favourite joke in the movie where JB says that is called a bribe & Vivek the guy who is helping him says no sir it is not a bribe it is just to make things go faster bypassing the system (Indian’s love honking & bypassing the system the best lines from the movie.

I don’t want to give the second half of the movie away but the second half of the movie  10shows the stuggles the 2 baseball players that JB found in India & the struggles they are having in adjusting to the new life, what I will say is for some of them it is not just about baseball it is about how people change & how that change does not just affect them but it affects the people that are close to them. It is long 1 hour 56 minutes but I would recommend it & the thing is it you don’t have to like sport because for me it felt more like a coming of age movie for the 3 main characters in the movie & the fact is that it will touch you, on not just a sport level but on a more mental level.

I enjoyed this movie so that is why I am giving this movie a 7.5 out of 10 it could have  been a little bit more faster pace but I guess that is what you get when it is an Indian movie.


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