Eddie the eagle edwards


I was searching first on YouTube movies & saw this movie shown there Eddie the Eagle. I then went to the site 123movies.com & decided to watch the movie Eddie the Eagle.

Here is my review of the movie of the movie, I thought some of the casting was O.K but I thought that not the fact that Hugh Jackman was in the movie but he bid not even change his accent cause he was supposed to be an american in the movie.

The film shows young Eddie always dreaming that one day he would compet at the Olympics & when that was no longer  an option he decided that he would compete at the Winter Olympics and thought that he would be able to compete at the ski downhill & the head of the British Authorities did not want him there because of where he was from.

He then decided that he would compete at the Calgary games as a ski jumper but was had so many obstacles literally it reminded me a lot of Cool Runnings cause it had a lot of similarities with that movie, even some of the scenes where uncanny with that movie, so I would say that if you liked Cool Runnings then I think that there is a good chance that you will like this movie.

I am giving this a 6.5 out of 10 cause it was good but could have definately been better with the casting the acting was O.K you believed for the Eddie the Eagle but not so much for the Hugh Jackman character.


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