2017 Fresh Start


In this vlog I want to talk more about my family & my relationship with them & I for a fact they hate the fact that I am not getting any any money in & that is why when I  suggest anything they completely ignore it, but what I have to remind myself is that I need to know really no matter how daunting it is I know that I have to work on my business & the big problem is sometimes, a lot of the time I am way to lazy & don’t use my time effiecently & that is the big problem.

What I do is I stay up late & then say to myself that o yeah I am going to work but make some excuse & then wake up to late & think then that I think that I want to go outside maybe a little to much & maybe that would be O.K if I actually did the stuff I want to do, I know that with baking I have a very small window & they may say that they are not stopping me from doing what I am doing & they will say that I am only making it for myself but that is not completely true, cause they had my birthday cake & I am going to make a cake for Friday & still going to use the Merry Berry receipe but am going to look for healthier options & that should be good.

I feel that I need to be more productive & use my time better, the busier I am the better it is for me cause then I won’t be eating a lot & therefore be getting healthier & there is a part of me that when I see other people doing well, that makes me upset, not the fact that they are doing well, but the fact that I am not doing well which just makes me  very unhappy. I know that I am rambling here, but this is the only place where I want people to see what I am writing where I can say what I want to say.


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